3 Things That Puts You at Risk of Addiction

3 Things That Puts You at Risk of Addiction

Each addict has a different story to tell when you ask them how their addiction began. Although each story is unique, research has shown that there are certain risk factors that are common among addicts. They say that these factors increase the likelihood that one will become addicted if they are presented with the opportunity. Any person can be addicted, but these 3 things increases your chances of becoming hooked or be addicted to something.

Biological Factors

It has been found that those who have immediate family members or close relatives who have an addiction are most likely to develop an addiction themselves. Genetics plays a big role in influencing one to get addicted especially to drugs or alcohol.

Aside from being introduced to the addiction early on by constantly seeing an addicted family member, studies have shown that a pattern of addiction among family members is sometimes caused by a biological disorder. A study to determine the root cause of alcoholism between family members revealed a genetic disorder that causes the decreased production of endorphins in the body that is essential to feel pleasure and manage pain. This disorder makes one genetically predisposed to an addiction as the person find ways to feel happy and to avoid pain because the body is unable to do it naturally.

Studies also show that gender also affects one’s likelihood to be an addict by some level. A research done by the Mayo Clinic in the US reveal that males are twice as likely to become addicted compared to females.

An existing mental condition can also lead to addiction. A person who is clinically depressed and has other mental illnesses is more likely to be addicted than one who has a healthy mental state and can cope effectively with stress.

Environmental Factors

The environment that a person is exposed to can most likely lead him to an addiction. Factors such as a person’s socioeconomic status and quality of life was shown to influence one’s decision to try and be hooked on an addiction.

Peer pressure is one of the primary reasons why some addicts start taking. The need to conform and gain your peer’s acceptance lead some people to try addictive substances like drugs and alcohol and this eventually leads to addiction.

The stress level in a person’s life can also lead someone to addiction. Coupled with the inability to cope with stressful situation, some people find solace and escape while engaging in the addiction. Unfortunately, very few are unable to get out of the slump and find themselves dependent on their substance of choice.


Habits are activities that you involve yourself in by choice, unfortunately there are some negative habits that can lead to addiction, and once addiction takes over, the person has no control over their choices because their bodies and minds become addicted. Taking drugs, drinking alcohol, or gambling socially can unknowingly lead to addiction.